Android Auto gets Microsoft Teams next month

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Android Auto is now found on almost every modern vehicle that launches on the market. It comes preinstalled on the vehicle’s infotainment system and lets users access their Android apps on the go. Android Auto now hosts many popular apps for different uses. However, it will soon get Microsoft Teams to let you join meetings in your car.

According to Microsoft 365 roadmap details, Microsoft Teams for Android Auto will be released next month in February. As the company notes, users will be able to join meetings, call speed dial contacts, and see the recent calls on the phone. Yet, there are no more details on what more Microsoft Teams brings to Android Auto. Additionally, Microsoft needs to clarify whether the app allows users to access the Team’s files and data while driving.


Bringing Microsoft Teams to Android Auto is a welcome addition. However, it took almost a year for Google and Microsoft to add the app to Android Auto. It was first in I/O 2023 that Google announced the integration of Teams to Android Auto, along with Zoom and Cisco Webex.

While two later apps came to Android Auto in September, users had to wait a year to access Teams on their vehicles. In the Google I/O 2023, the company also announced Waze is coming to the Google Play Store for all vehicles with Google built-in.

Android Auto adoption is on the rise among car manufacturers

Google says over 500 car models now support Android Auto, and it’s available on over 200 million cars worldwide. The adoption of Android Auto has significantly increased in recent years among car manufacturers, and it’s expected to take over the auto industry in the coming years. The high adoption of Android Auto also led Google to build a standalone operating system for vehicles called Android Automotive.

Like the smartphone market, Apple is also going head to head with Google in the car market. The iPhone maker says its CarPlay app supports over 800 car models, starting with the 2016 and 2016 model year.

In terms of app availability, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay let users access a plethora of apps. In addition to games for passengers, Google has recently brought The Weather Channel and YouTube to Android Auto for a richer portfolio of apps.