Apple Vision Pro tipped to sell like hotcakes once pre-orders start

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Apple Vision Pro pre-orders are starting from January 19 with the official sales kicking off from February 2. It’s one of the most anticipated and big Apple releases in a while. It’s priced at $3499 for the base 256GB variant. Market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes, despite its price tag, it will sell like hotcakes. The high price point does position the Vision Pro in the premium segment of the market. However, Apple’s reputation for delivering quality, innovation, and a seamless user experience often justifies the premium pricing in the eyes of its dedicated user base.

Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple Vision Pro will sell out quickly

Ming-Chi Kuo believes it might sell out quickly, either during pre-orders or when it’s available on February 2. However, while some people are excited about Apple’s new mixed-reality headset, others aren’t sure if it will do well in the market.


His predictions often hold weight in the tech industry. His insights into Apple‘s supply chain and market trends have been accurate in the past. If Kuo’s belief in Vision Pro‘s sales potential proves accurate, it would underscore Apple’s ability to command a premium and maintain a loyal customer base willing to invest in its latest innovations. Notably, he mentioned that his prediction of the Apple Vision Pro release date is in line with the official date.

Ming-Chi Kuo had earlier said that Apple might sell 500,000 Vision Pro units in 2024. Now, he thinks the AR/VR headset will be in high demand because many Apple customers are willing to spend a lot on their products. If Kuo is right, there might be delays in getting the headset due to high demand. Although Kuo praises the Vision Pro’s technology, we feel its high price might make some people hesitant to buy it.

People who work in stores will learn how to talk about the Vision Pro and convince customers to buy it, even if they won’t use it every day like other Apple gadgets. Kuo also said that if the Vision Pro does well, Apple might make cheaper versions in the future. Right now, it’s only available in the US, so we’ll have to wait and see how popular it becomes elsewhere.