The ASUS ROG Ally gaming handheld is now $200 off!

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The ASUS ROG Ally has been one of this past year’s more exciting gaming devices, and Best Buy now offers it at a decent discount you don’t want to pass up. Right now you can pick it up for $200 off, which is an all-time low for the handheld. Now this discount is for the Ryzen Z1 model of the ROG Ally and not the Ryzen Z1 Extreme. The regular price for the Ryzen Z1 model is $599.99, but because of the $200 savings, you can pick it up for just $399.99.

This is an excellent price for the ROG Ally, even if it is the lower-end model. If you’re unfamiliar with the device, the ROG Ally runs on Windows 11 and it’s really just a handheld gaming PC. But it does run full Windows so you can do essentially everything you can do with a laptop. And that means browsing the web, streaming movies or TV shows, and of course, playing games.


One of the best parts about the ROG Ally compared to something like the Steam Deck is that it does run full Windows. So you’re not limited to just the SteamOS ecosystem. The Steam Deck is technically capable of running games from outside of Steam, but not without a little bit of tinkering. The ROG Ally on the other hand can run any game client you want natively. And that includes Steam, Battlenet, EA, the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, and others.

It has a 7-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate and a Full HD resolution, too. And games look surprisingly good when being played on it. It has 512GB of storage as well and it supports expandable storage with a microSD card. That’s plenty of room for games if you get a microSD with 1TB or 2TB of storage on it.

Every time I picked it up to play I was amazed at how buttery smooth some games felt. Plus the joysticks, triggers, and other buttons felt quite nice. It’s decently lightweight and comfortable to hold as well. However, I do find it gets a little less comfortable after holding it for more than a few hours. That being said, this is still an awesome portable gaming device, and it’s worth every penny. Especially at $200 off.

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