You'll be able to use your Galaxy phone as a webcam in Microsoft Teams

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Webcams are great because they’re small and convenient, but the video quality isn’t always that great. Well, this is an issue that Samsung is on its way to solve with its next announcement. During CES 2024, Samsung announced that you’ll be able to use your Galaxy phone as a webcam in Microsoft Teams.

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You’ll soon be able to use a Galaxy phone as a webcam for Microsoft Teams

This announcement comes not too long after Google announced a webcam feature for the Pixel 8 Pro. It allows users to directly connect their Pixel phone to their computer and use the phone’s superior cameras. It’s an incredibly convenient feature to use and a massive upgrade over most regular webcams.

Now, it’s Samsung’s turn. During its announcement at CES, Samsung said that Galaxy users will be able to use their phones as webcams for Microsoft Teams. This points to the tight partnership that Samsung and Microsoft have.

What’s weird about the announcement is that the company didn’t say exactly which phones will be compatible with this. Samsung only referred to people using the latest Galaxy smartphones. Obviously, that includes the upcoming Galaxy S24, but we don’t know how far back this compatibility goes. Also, we don’t know if this will be exclusive to the Ultra models of the phones.

In any case, it’s a neat feature, and we’re all looking forward to it. Samsung says that the ability to use your Galaxy phone as a webcam for Teams will come out later this year. We’re not quite sure when exactly.