Save $250 on the Samsung Odyssey G6 gaming monitor

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Amazon is offering a discount right now on the Samsung Odyssey G6 gaming monitor that brings the price down by a significant amount. The regular price for this monitor is $699.99 but you can pick it up right now for $449.99. That’s a savings of $250 or a total of 36%! This is a 27-inch curved gaming monitor with a lot of excellent features for gamers.

For starters, it features the 1000R curve that you see on a lot of Samsung’s curved monitors. And this helps with immersion in your games. I have the same curve on my 34-inch Samsung Odyssey G5 monitor and it’s quite nice. As it really helps the game world feel a little bit more alive. This monitor has QHD resolution so it’ll be pretty decent for image quality and clarity. What’s more, is that it has a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time.


The 240Hz refresh rate is one of the key features that make this monitor worth it. Especially at this $250 discount. With a refresh rate that fast, your gameplay will look smoother and you might have an advantage over other players whose monitors have slower refresh rates. Provided your PC is also fast enough to support those kinds of frames. It also supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to help with that. It also helps reduce input latency. This is another key component that can factor into how well you might perform in games.

Speaking of games, the Odyssey G6 comes with Samsung’s Smart Hub and Gaming Hub features. Allowing you to tap into your favorite content through numerous streaming services and game streaming services. All you need is to ensure the monitor is connected to your home WiFi network and you’re good to go. What I really like is the Game Bar. This is a quick little feature to bring up that lets you easily and quickly adjust the monitor’s various settings. Including aspect ratio, response time, HDR, FPS, and more. Samsung’s gaming monitors are excellent, and if you’re not looking for a huge screen, this is a great deal.

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