This SanDisk 512GB microSD card is only $35!

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Right now you can pick up a 512GB microSD card from SanDisk over at Amazon for a pretty good deal. This particular card is only $34.99 which is a steal for a microSD card that has 512GB of storage space.

This is a SanDisk Extreme model microSDXC and it’s great for both 4K and 5K video if used in action cameras, digital cameras, or smartphones. I also use 1TB versions of this exact card in both my Steam Deck and my Nintendo Switch OLED and they perform great with quick read and write speeds. Most important of course is that it’s just a decent quality microSD card with plenty of storage space for a low price. And you can’t really go wrong with that.


Another nice thing about this deal is that the card comes with an adapter that fits it to an SD size. This is what you would put in things like digital cameras or some other larger devices. Your laptop may even have a slot for SD cards, and you would use this adapter for that too. So this is essentially a versatile memory option that you could technically use for anything if you wanted.

You may not be able to use this with your phone as it depends on whether or not your phone supports expandable storage. But you can use it with tons of other stuff. And it’s great to just have a device for file backup. Just in case. As noted I use this for game storage and two of my handheld gaming devices and it works great. Games load quickly and installs happen fast too. If you need a good microSD card, consider this one for $35. You won’t be disappointed.

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