Withings' BeamO is the only at-home health tool you'll ever need

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Withings is a leader in health technology, and the company is always coming up with new ways to bring health tools to the masses. Its ScanWatch line includes health-focused smartwatches, and Withings often brings other neat health devices to CES shows. This year Withings brought the BeamO multiscope, which is a health device that could replace all of your health monitoring devices. Although it looks like Withings’ current thermometer offerings, the company has crammed a lot more sensors inside BeamO.

Besides an upgraded infrared temperature sensor, the multiscope also has photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, a digital stethoscope, and an EKG sensor. The stethoscope uses a piezoelectric disc to measure acoustic noise from your body and turn it into an electric reading that BeamO can understand. It’s similar to how many electronic stethoscopes operate, but what’s interesting is how the tool is paired with other functions. Using BeamO, you can take an EKG, your temperature, your blood oxygen percentage, and capture acoustic noise. These were all possible with separate devices, but are now available in a 4-in-1 product.


At $250, the BeamO multiscope isn’t exactly cheap. However, it’s easy to see how BeamO could become a must-have device for households. We’ve seen the stories of how catching illnesses and health problems with at-home tools — like smartwatches — can make a big difference. Having four core health sensors in one small product might be a game-changer. Many companies view at-home monitoring as the future of telehealth, and Withings is at the forefront.

When will the Withings BeamO health device debut?

Withings BeamO Health Device

Like with all health devices, releasing the BeamO will be tricky. Withings needs to get FDA clearance for the EKG sensor and AFib monitoring features, which can take some time. Withings says that BeamO should be available in June of this year, but the FDA review process may drag on. It wouldn’t be the first product to be stifled by FDA processes. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup is missing some features in the U.S. due to a lack of FDA clearance.

But, when BeamO does come to market, it’ll be one-of-a-kind. The device can take blood-oxygen readings, heart rate readings, and medical-grade 1-lead EKG all at the same time. Separately, it takes contactless temperature readings and works as a stethoscope. Afterward, all this data is compiled, stored, and easily shared. With how simple it is to monitor your health with BeamO, it might be the product that brings at-home health tools mainstream.